Doctor Who

Cyberman Conversion Bay

Game of Lies, Part 5

The group explored the warehouse containing the recently discovered Cyberman Conversion Bay and discovered a variety of potentially useful advanced technology. The conversion bay appeared functional. A Cyberman earpod was also left behind by the building’s previous occupants. We were able to access a supercomputer which could be very helpful. We were hopeful that the supercomputer and other equipment would enable us to create a perfect forgery of the data disk. However, Torchwood’s inventory of advanced technology was spread throughout London and we felt we needed to get in touch with Captain Harkness and find the Torchwood tech so time wasn’t available to complete work on our fake data disk.

After a comprehensive search of the building, including Kirill’s exploration of the roof, we were confronted with evidence of conflict. It is unclear who attacked the building and what exactly happened to them or the Cybermen but extensive damage was done to some of power lines on the roof of the structure.

The facility is protected by a SEP (Someone else’s problem) field. We were initially sceptical but witnessed law enforcement bypass the building and are growing confident enough in the safety of the building to stay while we search for answers to our many questions.



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