Doctor Who

Kirill's Tale

Game of Lies, Part 6

Kirill was bored. He hated being bored. Everyone talking about computers and disks with real-time storage of data—whatever that was—had tried his patience long ago, but people just kept on about it.

Apparently they had managed to slow down a video into slow enough speed that they could actually see Captain Black exploding. Ok, actually that was interesting (if gruesome), but the cosmonaut-type techno-babble was driving him crazy.

Armand was coordinating the others to discover where this “perception field” was as though they could really understand it.

The only one doing anything at all useful was the catperson that everyone called ‘sister’, who was seeing to wounds.

Kirill put himself to the useful task of searching desk drawers. You never know when you will find something interesting.

Horas rolled up some plastic for a makeshift bed and went to sleep, after finding nothing in the desk Kirill joined him.

The other folks continued to talk about computers, “recently reconstituted”; “coordinates of ailien type”; and “gps-like coordinates”… well it does help one to sleep.

By morning it turned out that the electronics people had managed to find Harkness, Gwen and Jones. They were just explaining what the dots on the screen meant and that we might look for surviving equipment when David began talking onto the phone to Command.

Apparently General Volstand told him that video of us stealing jewelry from an old lady at the subway.

Then everyone started talking about redoing computer processes and Kirill went for a walk to starve off boredom. If they’d just go wonder around London they’d probably have found whatever they were looking for by now. They spent too much time on the computers.

Not 2 minutes after going outside, Kirill saw police sweeping the streets. Kirill went back inside and decided to do his Wednesday workout while the gadgets were finished for tracking whatever they were tracking.

Eventually the group decided to leave by car and Kirill jumped in the driver’s seat. Very quickly police were trailing them. Someone in the car radioed to the police some incorrect information, but this was eventually discovered on the other end, and so the radio was altered (with a key) to send a loud screeching noise.

Kirill decided to take matters into his own hands and shoot the tire of one of the trailing police cars while speeding through traffic. That brought a volley of fire from the police. Tired of being shot at, Kirill pulled a full speed 180 and when the police could not do the same, the group managed to lose the police.

Not long after, near a school, creepy children were saying “we are here” and lazers were shooting down from the sky. And a hot dog vendor gave the group his cart because he was helping some pregnant lady.

The day turned interesting after all.

Eventually, the group found the warehouse. After some searching, the group located the computer and its user, Harkness. Kirill was about to go in after Harkness, but was stopped as apparently he was some sort of “fixed point” and couldn’t be approached as it was very dangerous. It didn’t look dangerous to Kirill, but he relented and the group went on to find a man wandering toward the warehouse with coffee.

The group went to talk to this man, but a passing cop made this complex. Luckily David was able to sweet talk him out of following us by distracting him with babble about the light in the sky. The group managed to make a meeting with Ianto Jones.

An exchange of cell numbers and the making of a code “See you at time” and “See you next time” were made because apparently people who are good with computers can hear what we say on them.

A few hours later, the group had their location gadgets together and they were finally off.



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