Doctor Who

College Home Theatre Installation

Game of Lies part 8

Sorry team, looks like i was supposed to do this a while ago…

We join our illustrious group as they merrily tear apart boxes and crates in search of usefull loot. Horus busys himself trying to complete work on the Valaxian Data drive replica.

Krill, who loves smashing things, is happy to carry boxes from the trucks into the hideout, as long as he gets to open them.

From 9 large crates, we have:
K9 – reactivated, slightly unreliable.
Inert robot
astronaut suit
a bunch of internally burnt out circuitry
Dalek Tech Antigravity disk
Black robot – external blast damage
Mechanic’s kit

from 4 small crates:
Gold Jewelry, ADIPOSE
Antenna from space ship
metal ship plate
vegetable seed pod in liquid nitrogen

we also get some radios from Internation Electronics, which we know were involved with cybermen.

Horus completes the new valaxian data drive.. it has a 50 percent connection.

David procures paint supplies and retasks the getaway trucks as “College Home Theatre Instalation” so we can move around the city without being hassled. He is however, queried while trying to syphon fuel from one truck to the other. He manages to bluff off the coppers.
At about 1500, there is a fluctuation of power levels in the neighbourhood.
At 1600 , David contacts General Volstad to try to broker a deal for the Data Drive.
MI5 are the people behind the arrests.
Unit has issues withthe current PM – hopes for changes.
“black museum” for Drive
Unit called off.
Concerned PM too involved in own armament.

we review the connections the drive has… cyberman computer is central, and VDD, and cellphones connect to it.

we are to meet harkness at 1800 at the museum.

Horus – search completes at….

that’s all I have for notes. I think i stopped writing down items from the crates, cause we were getting cards. I know there were some 2×4′s

Day – Wednesday;
Time – 4:15pm



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