Doctor Who

Cyberman Conversion Bay
Game of Lies, Part 5

The group explored the warehouse containing the recently discovered Cyberman Conversion Bay and discovered a variety of potentially useful advanced technology. The conversion bay appeared functional. A Cyberman earpod was also left behind by the building’s previous occupants. We were able to access a supercomputer which could be very helpful. We were hopeful that the supercomputer and other equipment would enable us to create a perfect forgery of the data disk. However, Torchwood’s inventory of advanced technology was spread throughout London and we felt we needed to get in touch with Captain Harkness and find the Torchwood tech so time wasn’t available to complete work on our fake data disk.

After a comprehensive search of the building, including Kirill’s exploration of the roof, we were confronted with evidence of conflict. It is unclear who attacked the building and what exactly happened to them or the Cybermen but extensive damage was done to some of power lines on the roof of the structure.

The facility is protected by a SEP (Someone else’s problem) field. We were initially sceptical but witnessed law enforcement bypass the building and are growing confident enough in the safety of the building to stay while we search for answers to our many questions.

Game of Lies Part 4

Is it bad that I have 5 pages of notes and all I can remember is drawing a penis on Adam’s forehead? : )

After the culmination of the car chase, our two vehicles rendezvous and park near the Chancery Lane Metro station on Theobald Rd.
While Horus (Whore-ass, desert man) helps to scout out an abandoned 3 level building we learn from him that the Cat people race is called “K’Zin” (capital, Magalagabag) and he discusses with Armin how a K’Zin and a human ended up together. We all enter the building with Krill initially hanging back, keeping watch, but then joining us once he determines that the coast is clear.
We begin the interrogation/ questioning of Archie:
We start with a simple: “Whats going on with Torchwood?” and Archie begins to fill us in on what he knows.
Archie says he was Torchwood Glasgow
-Krill had something to do with Dr and ______? and a column of lights took Krill. There was a battle with Plastic Nestine. Archie was followed and then captured at home. His captors kept asking him where the information was kept and refered to a DRIVE. He thinks they were looking for the Torchwood database. Archie thinks HARKNESS knows where the database is.
HARKNESS – ellusive man – not everyone knows who he is, but seems to be in charge of Torchwood, Cardif and is a major player in these events.
(1pm Tuesday)
Harkness picked up an item Archie had been keeping from a shipwreck 40 yrs ago – it was a Drive that had the ability to automatically update all info put on it – “extra dimensional data keeping”. Archie thinks Harkness wanted to dump the drive’s contents. There was a short video segment from Harkness – “Sorry it’s taken so long to arange this. Disk will be in your hand soon. Keep it safe. This is a log of the equipment locations” which Archie took to mean all locations of all torchwood equipment on earth
Archie also advises us that he was helped at some point by UNIT and that the guy beating him was AGENT REDGRAVE, a gov’t man, possibly MI5
We focus on Horus and Sister Mary states:“you are from the future” to which he replies: “I am not from this time period” What Archie is describing sounds like a “Vexian data disk” 2-3 inches across. We ask if there is any way to track it. “Phase Oscillations may leave track”. We make a plan to get some satellite equipment and recalibrate it to track phase oscillation.
Krill starts to question Adam who gets all upity and draws a gun,
Horus: “the American reveals himself”
After some calm talking, Adam lowers the gun and takes his finger off the trigger. David moves between Adam and Archie, thinking that perhaps Archie will be a target but Krill is faster and makes a quick move and disarms Adam. There is a brief struggle, but the result is a victorius Krill and a broken ribbed Adam.
Horus taunts – “That’s why your empire fails in 75 years”
David starts to interrogate Adam, a search of his person reveals a cellphone with call log intact, a medium pistol with 13 rds plus 2 full clips (43 rds total), a false torchwood ID, and some apparantly real ID – a Driver’s licence and a CIA ID. MICHAEL HAWKES.
He tells us the Torchwood bombing was an inside job and most likely the UK government.
Armin goes out to the truck and returns with a Med Kit with memory drug and a pen.
We decide that we’re going to erase some memories, get him hammered and abandon him in a public place. Krill starts giving Adam vodka while Adam continues to drop bits of information. He tells us of a bureaucrat who he found killed and picked over named Frasier. He was an accountant and unfortunate enough to have Harkness on his phonelog. Adam also divulges his Handler/Contact: SOPHIE EDWARDS, UK gov’t. He would send her a text as a booty call with the name of a bar for them to meet.
We remove Adam’s cuffs, and since Horus and Adam are of a simial size, Horus takes Adam’s clothes.
We shoot Adam up with the Memory drug then draw a dick on his forehead, and a downwards facing arrow with “insert tool here” on his lower back, then David and Krill take him to the Tube and drop him off. David gets stuck on the train and needs to evades some of the local Constabulary before reuniting with Krill and then meeting up with everyone else back at our new, 3 level hideout.
We expend 6 story points to rework the hideout into a Cyberman Conversion Bay.

Better late than never...
Game of Lies Part 3

We rejoin our party on their way to the police station to jailbreak the captured Torchwood agent.
The party travelled through the sewers, descending a few ladders until they made it to the nearest active tube station. Upon arriving, they all decided to hide out in a maintenance room until the next train arrived, thankfully Adam remembered the schedule quite well so the group was able to head out to meet the train and minimize their time spent out in the open surveillance of the tube station.
Kirill was eyeing the cameras as the team made their way to the train. While on the train, all was proceeding as planned, until Adam almost blew our cover by letting loose a huge sneeze, drawing some attention to himself and SMJ.
To divert the attention of some police on the subway car, Kirill and Armin approached the officers with the old polaroid camera, posing as tourists and getting the coppers to turn friendly and pose for a few shots.
The group left the train car ,and while lollygagging on the platform are approached by a few UNIT soldiers,, they advise us to move along, and David tells them that the group is on the way to the local police station to report a crime.
The team makes it to the surface, gets the layout of the police station, notices the parking lot with a few familiar looking Torchwood trucks parked inside.
The party decides that the easiest plan will be to break into the electrical/phone room to slice into the internal phone system. First they visit a local mobile phone shop and buy a few burners(3 for £39).
With the new gear the group breaks into the electrical room, ,calls the duty officer and convinces him that the prisoner needs transferring, he decides to send another prisoner along so as to avoid suspicion.
The team collects the prisoners and Kirill pulls up in one of the old Torchwood trucks. The prisoners are loaded up, and a chase ensues as the M-fifteen agent rallies the police in an effort to reclaim his lost prisoners.
The team splits up, with David getting stuck with with the police in tow, after a lengthy, dangerous chase, David finally manages to lose the tail and the team is left catching their breath, split up with all of London’s police on the lookout for them…

In the memory of Jared
Game of Lies part 2

Hopefully this is accurate. I lost my notes and had to rely on memory.

We were just getting our heads wrapped around the idea that all Torchwood agents and affiliates were under suspicion of bombing England. It was immediately apparent that some form of conspiracy was at work in UK, possibly with global ramifications. We needed access to Torchwood HQ to gather weapons, equipment, and up-to-date intelligence but discretely discovered the facility was under surveillance. Thankfully we were able to sneak into Torchwood HQ via the sewer where we discovered another Torchwood agent who was also on the run.

We gained access to Torchwood HQ and through some sleuthing on the network were able to determine that the likely target of whoever is truly responsible for the terrorist events is a disk containing all of Torchwood’s top secret information. We find a video of Captain Jack Harkness discussing the disk but it is choppy and leaves us with more questions than answers.

Just as we finish with the HQ we are noticed by the patrolmen outside and are forced to dart out the back of the formerly-safe safe-house and run.

The Fall of Torchwood
Game of Lies Part 1

With a whoosh, or some other suitably portal-ish sound effect, we were back in the park in London.Back to this strange, and slightly less archaic world that seems to be home now. David and I came through together and stopped to get our bearings. There was a local nearby who offered the date for us, September. Light, it had been 4 months since we’d left, very slim chance the truck would still be parked where we left it.
On the street nearby we spotted a few members of the local constabulary, doing what police do best, writing in their notepads and asking questions. Luckily as we approached we noticed one of the coppers was none other than Nigel Everton, our old pal who apparently had helped the agents before we were warped away. Nigel went slightly white in the face as he recognized David, and when we identified ourselves to his partner, we found out just how bad things have degenerated for Torchwood. It turns out that a warrant had been posted for the arrest of any Torchwood operatives, of course with warnings as to how dangerous we all are. They even armed the London bobbies!
So now here I was feeling a might bit uncomfortable as it turns out these police officers are probably not going to give us a ride back to Torchwood HQ, where we could have a curry and a shower. Luckily for me during this conversation is when Kirill and my beloved Sis. Mary Joseph were deposited through the portal. Using this opportunity to show off my amazing footwork, I threw a handful of change into the copper’s face and bolted. I’m sure I saw this work on the vids somewhere. It didn’t work. In a suitably crushing, shoe-launching collision, I was reminded just how hard cars can hit a person. Thankfully, little more than my pride was seriously injured.
Nigel came after me, and the other officer followed David, who headed off to meet up with our newly arriving colleagues.
Kirill, SMJ and David put on quite a show for the good officer, with SMJ “apprehending” the fleeing Torchwood agent David, while Kirill trid to talk the officer into lowering his guard.
Kirill slowly approached and was able to subdue the officer in a flash of Soviet efficiency we’ve not seen for quite some time. The police officer was searched, hog-tied and a plan was formulated. While all this was happening, Nigel confided in me that apparently ther had been a major attack, and Torchwood was being blamed for the undertaking. Also, we learned that an MI5 agent is in town, going by the name of Simon Redgrave and he is investigating Torchwood’s involvement.
Nigel agreed to help us, by running off on a “chase” of us down a street we had no intention of passing down. Some local hooligans were filming some of our antics after we split up with Nigel, Kirill decided to “secure” one of their mobile phones. We then piled into the police car with the intention of checking out what had become of the HQ.
Unfortunately, the rest of the police force had other ideas for how we should be spending our time. The chase was on.
With David behind the wheel we were able to gain some distance from the pursuers. All the while, Kirill also prepared for some of the most impressive shows of acrobatics we are like to ever witness in our time in this galaxy. Kirill managed to climb out on to the top of our vehicle, and leap onto the chasing police car. He then successfully managed to remove the steering wheel, forcing the car to go careening straight off into the next building in front of it. Kirill managed a timely escape, leaping up at the final moment, and crashing into some nice old lady’s flat for a perfect landing.
We ditched the police car at a strip mall near the HQ and decided to call on a UNIT contact David knew of from his journalist days. After some effective flirting with his aide, David was given Lieutenant General Gregory Volstadd’s personal line. David called him up, and we learnt that a Torchwood agent is being held by the local police/MI5 and thre’s a data disc that the General is interested in.
At this point we split up, Kirill and SMJ went to a local pawnbroker to hock some of the old cash we had acquired during our foray through Victorian England, and David and I took a casual walk past the Torchwood HQ to see what was what. As it turns out, the HQ is under surveillance, which comes as little surprise. We decided to meet up again to plan our next move…

The Sermon
Sparkles in the Sky Part 2

Hey team, this just fell through the Rift. I think it’s related to our excursion:

Sermon notes, March 31st, year of our Lord 1890

There is no denying the evil amongst us. You all saw it with your own eyes! First the fire in the sky, referenced in the Bible as a harbinger of doom, then the green fireflies swarming over our peaceful countryside and through our town. And as if that weren’t enough, gateways to the realm of damnation, disguised as looking glasses, infesting our fields, allowing hideous creatures with difficult to understand voices and misshapen features to emerge and toy with our very souls.

Their strange voices must have cast an evil spell, for many of the town folk would not listen to reason. We should have immediately cast them from our town and let them wander the hills where they could do no harm. Instead they were helped by children and adults alike. Helped to do their nasty, nasty work.

The evil interlopers spoke with our children. They convinced the innocent darlings to collect all the fireflies they could find and put them in one building, and they forced little Mary and Ann to show them where the fire from the heavens had struck the earth.

I followed them into the fields on my bicycle and witnessed fantastic, other worldly scenes. I saw people floating. I saw impossible movement from one looking glass to another, and I heard strange sounds straight from the bowels of Hell!

I saw a white powder surely created by Lucifer himself. This powder would make things float – people, trees, anything. It Is only by the grace of God Almighty that the evil miscreants were unable to use this powder to steal our sheep and our children.

They brought the unholy remnants of the fireball back into the town and then convinced some people to help them build a giant casket out of empty wine barrels, destroying the barrels in the process. The deposits on those same empty barrels had been promised to the church!

In addition to stealing from the church and hence from the poor, I was taunted and ridiculed by the man (if I can even call it a man) with the misshapen body and thickest accent. He taunted me like the devil himself – floating to the roof of this very church where you now sit. He spun on the cross, our most holy of symbols, affixed to our steeple, cackling with devilish mirth and screaming for all to hear, “I am flying, I am flying”. No amount of prayer nor Holy Water would bring him down.

The fireflies were all placed into the casket along with Lucifer’s powder, and the ungodly casket rose higher and higher into the air and disappeared amongst the stars.

The creatures discussed some things with Mr Barrie and then made for the last remaining looking glass and returned to the underworld from whence they came. It was a great relief to see them go, most of all the floating creature attached to a string, still taunting me with his cries, and being pulled by the slightly nunish creature, and when these last two were through, the looking glass magically winked out of existence.

All we are left with is children with their fragile little minds, corrupted with thoughts of flying and of other worlds.

I’m sure we all wish for them never to return.

Let us pray.

Portal to Scotland - Kirill's Journal
Sparkles in the Sky Part 1

After my workout (legs/back), breakfast (645 calories, 72 grams protein) and shower I found my comrades discussing the computer-telegraph we got from that cop, Nigel.

Nigel told us about some alien activity in the park and we decided to check it out.

Turns out that there is this shimmering light-thing (looks a little like a mirror) hanging in mid air in the park. A lady said that her dog had run into it and the leash between her and the dog was cut by the light-thing.

Armin rigged up a movie camera on a stick and stuck it through the object. He showed us the pictures of the other side where the grass is very green.

Just then a small boy walked out of the object and talked to us like he knew us. He told us about his village before Nigel frightened him and the child fled back through the object. The object flashed and I followed the boy into the object, but after I passed through it I was on the green grass of a large field.

In the distance I could see a village but there was no boy. After marking the location of the object I walked to the village.

I found my comrades waiting for me in the village before I got there. It turns out that the village is in Scotland—Victorian era Scotland!

We found a store in the village where I traded my wristwatch for a bit of local cash and bought some local clothes.

As we left the store there was an explosion in the sky and tiny, bright objects rained down. We had to hide under a porch to avoid the objects touching us. The tiny objects turned out to be very small aliens whose ship exploded. They asked us for help, so we tried to get the townspeople to help us gather the aliens up, safely.

We were interrupted by the town’s priest who thought the aliens were the Devil’s work. After some loud arguing, we managed to convince the townspeople to disregard his overreaction and help us to gather the aliens together.

London Below Part 2

Participants: Kirill, Sean, David

Continued to follow the hacker into the restaurant; Kirill and David enter the kitchen, and claim that they are shutting the place down due to Salmonella. In the meantime, Sean has gone to an Indian restaurant, and meets up with a former student, who is there waiting on tables. He talks to her, and she asks to meet him in the bathroom. She is worried about her brother, who has gone missing, while Sean is hitting on her. He calls his colleagues, who happen to be at the same restaurant. Sean enters the kitchen, as Kirill walks through the kitchen to the inner room. The dishwasher follows him, as Kirill locks himself in the room. No one is there. The other two start approaching the dishwasher, as he starts shooting the door, and then starts shooting them. Kirill finds the secret door, and goes down the elevator. He enters the underground complex, sneaks up on a guy and knocks him out. Sean and David talks the guy down, after shooting him. They enter the room, and Sean gets into the computer and gets the info on Mr. Finch and Mr. Schlogg. They also enter the elevator and go down. They enter the security room, and take down the man observing there as well, with kirill. The two modern day men then enter the bar, and go into the office of Mr. Schlogg. The hacker is sitting quietly, looking like he has been beaten up. They try to deal with Mr. Schlogg, asking about setting up a deal, and somewhat convincing him. Kirill explores the rest of the complex, knocking out another guard. The modern men get a tour, as Kirill tries to use a sledge hammer to get into the cell at the end of the storage container. Mr. Shlogg rushes as his heavy takes some shots. Kirill takes down the tough, as Mr. Schlogg intimidates David. Sean was checking the shelves. Kirill takes down Mr. Schlogg with a sledgehammer; Sean grabs equipment off his body. He opens the prison, as the two lovebirds meet up. The female prisoner is revealed to be a cat being called Sister Mary Joseph. The crew cleans up, grabbing some equipment and taking burnt out equipment to the SUV. They apprehend Mr. Schlogg for Torchwood Cardiff, and contact the police to arrest the rest of the thugs.
Mission accomplished.

London Below Part 1

Participants: Chris F (NPC), Chris B (Kirill) and Jared (David)

Started off “London Underground”, where our new Torchwood London operatives were given a tour of their new base. Then, after Gwen left, they received a call from DI Pipps, learning of the death of Janet Dyne, the computer tech gal. They drive over there (getting pulled over for speeding, but talk their way out of the issue), and get to the crime site. They arrive, talk to Police Constable Nigel Everton at that site. They inspect the crime site, and find the body of Janet. They get clues (of the ticket, take some hairs, take the computer). They talk to two neighbors, Mary who found the body, and Susan who identified two men leaving the scene. They return to the base, trying to figure out the information. The computer reveals that two time displacements occured. With that, then the Hacker NPC character, Armin, came up from the basement (hilarious moment, when he looked at his ID card and realized it was of the murder victim). He tried to cover up the card, but the other character, David, managed to snatch it out of his hands, and recognize it (also hilairous). At that point, they cuffed him and began to interrogate him. He tries not to say anything specific, but insists he has come to repair the computer system. Kirill drags him into the firing range. Armin manages to break out of his handcuffs, but Kirill shoots him. The shot causes a lot of damage, but manages to knock the listening device out of his arm. Armin spills the beans, and the other two agree to help out. Armin builds a device to transport information, but is also a tracking device. He is called by Mr. Finch, who makes arrangements to head to the dog park. All three head over to the park, and split up. Armin meets Mr. Finch at the site, while Kirill watches. David waits at the car. Armin goes with Mr. Finch, and is followed by David and Kirill. They follow the suspects at a good distant, and end up at an Indian restaurant. Kirill sneaks around, but Mr. Finch does feel that he is followed. David comes around and joins Kirill.

Arrowdown Part 4

Participants: Kirill, David, Sean

The band of three finish their encounter with the nestene conciousness. Kirill keeps the autons at bay, as David grabs the auton half breed. The cyborg manages to break his hypnotic control and is keen to escape. Sean, the scientist, runs past the nestene conciousness, and tries to light the book he found (to light the conciousness on fire). Unexpectedly, the book warps it’s appearance, and turns into another text completely, written in alien.
In the meantime, the conciousness no longer has a mouthpiece and is merely making gutteral sounds, and the autons are either shooting or walking towards the heroes. In the meantime, the cavern is beginning to fill up with water.
Kirill takes up covering postion and draws fire, as the other two run out the exit into the caverns. The cyborg is helped along by David. The autons trip and get caught up by the water, so they can’t keep up. The water keeps rising, keeping the nestene conciuosness busy. The heroes manage to get out, and look down to the town from the playground. Part of the boardwalk has collapsed, but the hotel is intact. They head down to the hotel, and meet up with Theresa. She is hugging Alan, and is ecstatic. Captain Jack and Gwen Cooper manages to meet up with the heroes, and gets the low down. This tired but exuberant group report what happened, and are rewarded by becoming the newest Torchwood unit.


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