Doctor Who

Arrowdown Part 2

The Group consisted of:
Chris (Kirill Gauk)
Jared (David Gloss)
Drew (Sean David Vetter)
Location: all three return to the main dining room in Monroe, the restaurant. The Autons are firing on the hotel. Theresa states that if they listen to her commands, that they can stop the loop. She needs more power for the rift manipulator. Kirill doesn’t want to listen to her and asks for a weapon. She pulls out an assault rifle from behind the cash register. After some tugging back and forth, he takes the gun and sets up behind the front doors, to take aim at the Autons.
David and Sean head towards the back, after Theresa instructs to disrupt the power lines to the rooms. David goes to the kitchen, which is impossibly large. Heathen runs up the stairs to meet up with Sean. There, they come to a hallway with 3 doors. The middle door leads to a spartan bedroom with a photo of a man with Theresa. The east door leads to the attack, with a black pool, under a single bulb. It is unearthly in nature, as examined by David dipping a pen in the liquid, and Sean using his scientific knowledge.
During this time Kirill had exchanged shots with the slowly oncoming Autons. He knocks one down, and hit another. The Autons return fire, but one of them has their weapon explode. The doors and hotel walls take some damage.
Meanwhile, Sean uses his butane torch to burn through the pipes leading into the room. The attic returns to normal. They cross the hallway, and encounter a huge library, with wingtip chairs and small side tables. Sean notices that the books include ‘the time machine’ and ‘the time travelers wife’. He burns through the pipes after Sean unsuccessfully rips the wires. The room disappears, but the book of the time machine stays behind, which Sean picks up.
The two men then return below to the kitchen. The pipes are disrupted, and the room returns to a more appropriately sized kitchen.
Theresa says that there is enough power and changes the time loop. Outside, things return to normal, the Autons are called by a distant figure next to the fairgrounds and walk back there.
Theresa explains, by way of Sean’s charm, what had been going on. Torchwood found evidence of a Dalek therein 1944. They covered his body in cement but monitored time energies since that time. In the 1980s, things slowed down. Theresa and her husband noticed an increase in the energies and was returning to London to inform Torchwood. However, they were hit ‘by a drunk driver’. Her husband died, and she returned to keep a low profile. However, she developed the rift manipulator, and started experimenting with temporal loops. She is hoping to find her husband. But now the town is under attack by the Autons, but she doesn’t know why.
David contacted Torchwood, and spoke with Janet, communication operative. She agreed with the info from Theresa, and also informed the group about Autons and the nesting consciousness. Kirill wandered over to the vortex manipulator, and tried to activate it. Theresa explained the machine to him, and scanned him, but could not explain his appearance in this time period.
The group decided they had to sneak up on the Autons

Arrowdown Part 1
the meeting of the group

Circa 2009
Playing with three other friends (fourth couldn’t make it that night).
The companions comprise of a Torchwood operative, a university grad student and a cold war era olympic athlete from 1966.


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