Doctor Who

Dalek on a Ship
a one off

The gang, with Drew, Jared, Jade and Buhler (Fowlie missing) ended up on a ship. After some exploration, it turns out that a dalek was on board. They manage to get it off board, and control the ship.

Chris Buhler to Fill Out
Game of Lies, Part 10
Jared to fill out
Game of Lies, Part 9

Day: Wednesday
Time: 4:15pm

College Home Theatre Installation
Game of Lies part 8

Sorry team, looks like i was supposed to do this a while ago…

We join our illustrious group as they merrily tear apart boxes and crates in search of usefull loot. Horus busys himself trying to complete work on the Valaxian Data drive replica.

Krill, who loves smashing things, is happy to carry boxes from the trucks into the hideout, as long as he gets to open them.

From 9 large crates, we have:
K9 – reactivated, slightly unreliable.
Inert robot
astronaut suit
a bunch of internally burnt out circuitry
Dalek Tech Antigravity disk
Black robot – external blast damage
Mechanic’s kit

from 4 small crates:
Gold Jewelry, ADIPOSE
Antenna from space ship
metal ship plate
vegetable seed pod in liquid nitrogen

we also get some radios from Internation Electronics, which we know were involved with cybermen.

Horus completes the new valaxian data drive.. it has a 50 percent connection.

David procures paint supplies and retasks the getaway trucks as “College Home Theatre Instalation” so we can move around the city without being hassled. He is however, queried while trying to syphon fuel from one truck to the other. He manages to bluff off the coppers.
At about 1500, there is a fluctuation of power levels in the neighbourhood.
At 1600 , David contacts General Volstad to try to broker a deal for the Data Drive.
MI5 are the people behind the arrests.
Unit has issues withthe current PM – hopes for changes.
“black museum” for Drive
Unit called off.
Concerned PM too involved in own armament.

we review the connections the drive has… cyberman computer is central, and VDD, and cellphones connect to it.

we are to meet harkness at 1800 at the museum.

Horus – search completes at….

that’s all I have for notes. I think i stopped writing down items from the crates, cause we were getting cards. I know there were some 2×4′s

Day – Wednesday;
Time – 4:15pm

Game of Lies: Part 7
Flufferbutter's day out

We rejoin the gang after they’ve met up with Ianto, where we arranged to meet up with Harkness at the Royal museum at 1800.

The group decides to go check out a nearby “secret UNIT base” to find some of the Torchwood loot that has made its way from Cardiff to London.
The path takes them along a riverbank, and is just suspicious enough to gain the attention of a couple bobbies on patrol. They hail Armin and Horus, asking after their business trying to get them to stop.
“Flufferbutter!” Armin calls out, cleverly deciding to mask our riverside stroll as a heroic mission to retrieve the aforementioned kitty. Kirill and David managed to avoid the gaze of the constables, and hid in some nearby shrubberies.
After some smiles, fake consolation, and warm stories of Flufferbutter’s cute kitty ways, the police are convinced that we are indeed searching for the cat. The police decide to help out in the search, we send them back in the direction from whence we came.
Kirill thought he’d help out as well and blew his dog whistle, attracting a local hound. This served to elevate the stakes of the kitty hunt, and the police set off to protect poor Flufferbutter from this random dog.
After a bit more walking the party finds themselves prone in the bushes opposite the appropriately signed “SECRET UNIT HQ”. It appears to be surrounded by an electrical fence, and there is a guard post currently inspecting a supply truck before letting it inside.
The facility itself seems to be a warehouse, likely full of wares.
Kirill, always patient and thoughtful, dashes from the bushes, slides under the truck and hangs on while it drives inside. Once the truck had reached far enough inside the facility he dropped off and snuck up to the guard booth. He then knocked to poor sod out and stole his clothes. Seeing that the truck and escorting soldiers have made their way into the warehouse, Kirill signals for the rest of the party to slip into through the gate.
Armin goes straight to the computer, finds the receiving schedule and sees that another truck is due to arrive in 5 minutes. The party also notices the camera layout, and kirill sneaks up to the camera in the UNIT sign and tapes up the lens. not long after this, the radio in the guardhouse crackles and inquires as to why the feed has been disrupted. David and Armin come up with a reasonable enough explanation for the folks on the other end of the radio, and convince them to delay the next delivery until they get the security situation sorted out.
Kirill and Horus decide to check out the warehouse. Naturally, they take the roof access. After disabling an alarm system on the hatch, the two of them slip in. Kirill does so with the agility and grace of some kind of Siberian house cat (Flufferbutter??), while Horus makes about as much noise as a bag of cans being thrown down a staircase.
The soldiers inside, as one might expect, are not expecting any arrivals from the rooftop. Horus chooses to act annoyed at the soldiers, explaining that he is a technician who is there to fix the cameras, and that they should get him some tea. They comply, and get back to unloading the truck.
Kirill works his stealthy magic and takes out the soldiers one by one. They never stood a chance. Meanwhile Armin and David manage to get the cameras on a loop and convince the dispatchers that they’ve got everything under control.
We strip down the soldiers, apply some vodka and penis drawings and wait for the next truck to arrive. While waiting we collect the tracking devices from the trucks. We also fill up two trucks with random boxes that were previously unloaded. The third truck arrives, and unexpectedly two soldiers emerge from the back of it. Oh well, Kirill and Armin go to work, and manage to subdue the soldiers with minimal bloodshed. We take out the third tracker, and hit the road, maintaining radio contact with the dispatchers.
The group takes off and manages to drive themselves back to the SEP field protected former cyberman base.
Some highlights of the loot immediately found are: psychic paper, reflection scanner for locating invisible individuals, and a super swiss army knife for tech use.

What’s in the other boxes? Will the party avoid being crucified by the authorities? WHERE IS FLUFFERBUTTER!?

Find out next time…
Kirill's Tale
Game of Lies, Part 6

Kirill was bored. He hated being bored. Everyone talking about computers and disks with real-time storage of data—whatever that was—had tried his patience long ago, but people just kept on about it.

Apparently they had managed to slow down a video into slow enough speed that they could actually see Captain Black exploding. Ok, actually that was interesting (if gruesome), but the cosmonaut-type techno-babble was driving him crazy.

Armand was coordinating the others to discover where this “perception field” was as though they could really understand it.

The only one doing anything at all useful was the catperson that everyone called ‘sister’, who was seeing to wounds.

Kirill put himself to the useful task of searching desk drawers. You never know when you will find something interesting.

Horas rolled up some plastic for a makeshift bed and went to sleep, after finding nothing in the desk Kirill joined him.

The other folks continued to talk about computers, “recently reconstituted”; “coordinates of ailien type”; and “gps-like coordinates”… well it does help one to sleep.

By morning it turned out that the electronics people had managed to find Harkness, Gwen and Jones. They were just explaining what the dots on the screen meant and that we might look for surviving equipment when David began talking onto the phone to Command.

Apparently General Volstand told him that video of us stealing jewelry from an old lady at the subway.

Then everyone started talking about redoing computer processes and Kirill went for a walk to starve off boredom. If they’d just go wonder around London they’d probably have found whatever they were looking for by now. They spent too much time on the computers.

Not 2 minutes after going outside, Kirill saw police sweeping the streets. Kirill went back inside and decided to do his Wednesday workout while the gadgets were finished for tracking whatever they were tracking.

Eventually the group decided to leave by car and Kirill jumped in the driver’s seat. Very quickly police were trailing them. Someone in the car radioed to the police some incorrect information, but this was eventually discovered on the other end, and so the radio was altered (with a key) to send a loud screeching noise.

Kirill decided to take matters into his own hands and shoot the tire of one of the trailing police cars while speeding through traffic. That brought a volley of fire from the police. Tired of being shot at, Kirill pulled a full speed 180 and when the police could not do the same, the group managed to lose the police.

Not long after, near a school, creepy children were saying “we are here” and lazers were shooting down from the sky. And a hot dog vendor gave the group his cart because he was helping some pregnant lady.

The day turned interesting after all.

Eventually, the group found the warehouse. After some searching, the group located the computer and its user, Harkness. Kirill was about to go in after Harkness, but was stopped as apparently he was some sort of “fixed point” and couldn’t be approached as it was very dangerous. It didn’t look dangerous to Kirill, but he relented and the group went on to find a man wandering toward the warehouse with coffee.

The group went to talk to this man, but a passing cop made this complex. Luckily David was able to sweet talk him out of following us by distracting him with babble about the light in the sky. The group managed to make a meeting with Ianto Jones.

An exchange of cell numbers and the making of a code “See you at time” and “See you next time” were made because apparently people who are good with computers can hear what we say on them.

A few hours later, the group had their location gadgets together and they were finally off.

Cyberman Conversion Bay
Game of Lies, Part 5

The group explored the warehouse containing the recently discovered Cyberman Conversion Bay and discovered a variety of potentially useful advanced technology. The conversion bay appeared functional. A Cyberman earpod was also left behind by the building’s previous occupants. We were able to access a supercomputer which could be very helpful. We were hopeful that the supercomputer and other equipment would enable us to create a perfect forgery of the data disk. However, Torchwood’s inventory of advanced technology was spread throughout London and we felt we needed to get in touch with Captain Harkness and find the Torchwood tech so time wasn’t available to complete work on our fake data disk.

After a comprehensive search of the building, including Kirill’s exploration of the roof, we were confronted with evidence of conflict. It is unclear who attacked the building and what exactly happened to them or the Cybermen but extensive damage was done to some of power lines on the roof of the structure.

The facility is protected by a SEP (Someone else’s problem) field. We were initially sceptical but witnessed law enforcement bypass the building and are growing confident enough in the safety of the building to stay while we search for answers to our many questions.

Game of Lies Part 4

Is it bad that I have 5 pages of notes and all I can remember is drawing a penis on Adam’s forehead? : )

After the culmination of the car chase, our two vehicles rendezvous and park near the Chancery Lane Metro station on Theobald Rd.
While Horus (Whore-ass, desert man) helps to scout out an abandoned 3 level building we learn from him that the Cat people race is called “K’Zin” (capital, Magalagabag) and he discusses with Armin how a K’Zin and a human ended up together. We all enter the building with Krill initially hanging back, keeping watch, but then joining us once he determines that the coast is clear.
We begin the interrogation/ questioning of Archie:
We start with a simple: “Whats going on with Torchwood?” and Archie begins to fill us in on what he knows.
Archie says he was Torchwood Glasgow
-Krill had something to do with Dr and ______? and a column of lights took Krill. There was a battle with Plastic Nestine. Archie was followed and then captured at home. His captors kept asking him where the information was kept and refered to a DRIVE. He thinks they were looking for the Torchwood database. Archie thinks HARKNESS knows where the database is.
HARKNESS – ellusive man – not everyone knows who he is, but seems to be in charge of Torchwood, Cardif and is a major player in these events.
(1pm Tuesday)
Harkness picked up an item Archie had been keeping from a shipwreck 40 yrs ago – it was a Drive that had the ability to automatically update all info put on it – “extra dimensional data keeping”. Archie thinks Harkness wanted to dump the drive’s contents. There was a short video segment from Harkness – “Sorry it’s taken so long to arange this. Disk will be in your hand soon. Keep it safe. This is a log of the equipment locations” which Archie took to mean all locations of all torchwood equipment on earth
Archie also advises us that he was helped at some point by UNIT and that the guy beating him was AGENT REDGRAVE, a gov’t man, possibly MI5
We focus on Horus and Sister Mary states:“you are from the future” to which he replies: “I am not from this time period” What Archie is describing sounds like a “Vexian data disk” 2-3 inches across. We ask if there is any way to track it. “Phase Oscillations may leave track”. We make a plan to get some satellite equipment and recalibrate it to track phase oscillation.
Krill starts to question Adam who gets all upity and draws a gun,
Horus: “the American reveals himself”
After some calm talking, Adam lowers the gun and takes his finger off the trigger. David moves between Adam and Archie, thinking that perhaps Archie will be a target but Krill is faster and makes a quick move and disarms Adam. There is a brief struggle, but the result is a victorius Krill and a broken ribbed Adam.
Horus taunts – “That’s why your empire fails in 75 years”
David starts to interrogate Adam, a search of his person reveals a cellphone with call log intact, a medium pistol with 13 rds plus 2 full clips (43 rds total), a false torchwood ID, and some apparantly real ID – a Driver’s licence and a CIA ID. MICHAEL HAWKES.
He tells us the Torchwood bombing was an inside job and most likely the UK government.
Armin goes out to the truck and returns with a Med Kit with memory drug and a pen.
We decide that we’re going to erase some memories, get him hammered and abandon him in a public place. Krill starts giving Adam vodka while Adam continues to drop bits of information. He tells us of a bureaucrat who he found killed and picked over named Frasier. He was an accountant and unfortunate enough to have Harkness on his phonelog. Adam also divulges his Handler/Contact: SOPHIE EDWARDS, UK gov’t. He would send her a text as a booty call with the name of a bar for them to meet.
We remove Adam’s cuffs, and since Horus and Adam are of a simial size, Horus takes Adam’s clothes.
We shoot Adam up with the Memory drug then draw a dick on his forehead, and a downwards facing arrow with “insert tool here” on his lower back, then David and Krill take him to the Tube and drop him off. David gets stuck on the train and needs to evades some of the local Constabulary before reuniting with Krill and then meeting up with everyone else back at our new, 3 level hideout.
We expend 6 story points to rework the hideout into a Cyberman Conversion Bay.

Better late than never...
Game of Lies Part 3

We rejoin our party on their way to the police station to jailbreak the captured Torchwood agent.
The party travelled through the sewers, descending a few ladders until they made it to the nearest active tube station. Upon arriving, they all decided to hide out in a maintenance room until the next train arrived, thankfully Adam remembered the schedule quite well so the group was able to head out to meet the train and minimize their time spent out in the open surveillance of the tube station.
Kirill was eyeing the cameras as the team made their way to the train. While on the train, all was proceeding as planned, until Adam almost blew our cover by letting loose a huge sneeze, drawing some attention to himself and SMJ.
To divert the attention of some police on the subway car, Kirill and Armin approached the officers with the old polaroid camera, posing as tourists and getting the coppers to turn friendly and pose for a few shots.
The group left the train car ,and while lollygagging on the platform are approached by a few UNIT soldiers,, they advise us to move along, and David tells them that the group is on the way to the local police station to report a crime.
The team makes it to the surface, gets the layout of the police station, notices the parking lot with a few familiar looking Torchwood trucks parked inside.
The party decides that the easiest plan will be to break into the electrical/phone room to slice into the internal phone system. First they visit a local mobile phone shop and buy a few burners(3 for £39).
With the new gear the group breaks into the electrical room, ,calls the duty officer and convinces him that the prisoner needs transferring, he decides to send another prisoner along so as to avoid suspicion.
The team collects the prisoners and Kirill pulls up in one of the old Torchwood trucks. The prisoners are loaded up, and a chase ensues as the M-fifteen agent rallies the police in an effort to reclaim his lost prisoners.
The team splits up, with David getting stuck with with the police in tow, after a lengthy, dangerous chase, David finally manages to lose the tail and the team is left catching their breath, split up with all of London’s police on the lookout for them…

In the memory of Jared
Game of Lies part 2

Hopefully this is accurate. I lost my notes and had to rely on memory.

We were just getting our heads wrapped around the idea that all Torchwood agents and affiliates were under suspicion of bombing England. It was immediately apparent that some form of conspiracy was at work in UK, possibly with global ramifications. We needed access to Torchwood HQ to gather weapons, equipment, and up-to-date intelligence but discretely discovered the facility was under surveillance. Thankfully we were able to sneak into Torchwood HQ via the sewer where we discovered another Torchwood agent who was also on the run.

We gained access to Torchwood HQ and through some sleuthing on the network were able to determine that the likely target of whoever is truly responsible for the terrorist events is a disk containing all of Torchwood’s top secret information. We find a video of Captain Jack Harkness discussing the disk but it is choppy and leaves us with more questions than answers.

Just as we finish with the HQ we are noticed by the patrolmen outside and are forced to dart out the back of the formerly-safe safe-house and run.


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