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  • Mr. Schlogg

    A major figure in the London Underground; was fence for several stolen items, including alien technology. Directly responsible for murder of [[:janet-dyne]]. Known associates: [[:mr-finch]] Current status: Incarcerated at Torchwood Cardiff

  • Mr. Finch

    London Gangsters. Was the public face of the mob group run by [[:mr-schlogg]]. Always looking for a way to protect himself. Implicated in the murder of [[:janet-dyne]] Known Associates: [[:mr-schlogg]] Current status: Incarcerated, London …

  • Adam McNeil

    picked up by London Police, in underwear and graphiti. Then identified as Torchwood agent, and held under arrest. CIA handlers are not pleased with his performance.

  • Simon Redgrave

    lost family to aliens, and has utter distrust of those creatures Staunch supporter of the monarchy. For Queen and Country!! After shootout with London Torchwood in London Public Park, has been taken up by UNIT as 'participating in hostile …

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