Converted Safehouse

This is a former converted safehouse used by Torchwood Three in the past.

Over the past few months, the house has been updated such that Torchwood London is now using it as a base. It is located in an area of London, where residential meets an industrial park region.

Although the lowest level is in disarray, with broken cells and not in any shape to be used, the rest of the site has been updated. The main level, and upper level still appears as a normal house, but the basement level holds various computer and lab equipment.

A map of the site can be found under Maps.

The specific features are as follows:

1. Database Access
Your base is connected directly to the Torchwood database, giving you a constantly updated feed of military movements, political events and possible alien activity across the globe. You can tap into telecommunications and secret government records. You also have access to Torchwood’s exhaustive database of past encounters
Effect: This Trait provides 3 Story Points every game session that can only be spent on research and related activities. You could spend the Story Points to get extra dice to succeed at a really difficult Knowledge roll, or spend them to declare you’ve got a copy of some vital document or map in the archives.

2. Computing Power
You’ve got access to a high-tech supercomputer and a high-speed secure internet connection.
Effect: This Trait provides 3 Story Points every game session that can only be spent on Technology-related rolls and related activities, like hacking into another computer system or performing some complex computer modelling to solve a problem.

3. Laboratory
Your base is equipped with a high-tech laboratory and research staff. These scientific advisors aren’t anygood in a fight, but they can analyse samples, identify aliens, find cures to diseases and provide other such technical support.
Effect: This Trait provides 3 Story Points every adventure that can only be spent on Science-related rolls and related activities, like analyzing biological materials or building gadgets.

4. Secret Base
Your base is cleverly concealed from outsiders. Either it looks like a perfectly ordinary building, is hidden underground, or is concealed by a perception filter.
Effect: Finding the base if you do not know it is there is almost impossible. Even if an advanced enemy is scanning for the base, the characters have several minutes to prepare before they are discovered.

5. Training
Your base includes a gym, a firing range, and other training facilities. Between missions, you’re busy honing your skills.
Effect: As a group, you receive 3 bonus Story Points every adventure that can be used by a character in any situation where their physical or martial training may be of benefit.

There can actually be one further feature to be determined.

Converted Safehouse

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