Doctor Who

Game of Lies: Part 7

Flufferbutter's day out

We rejoin the gang after they’ve met up with Ianto, where we arranged to meet up with Harkness at the Royal museum at 1800.

The group decides to go check out a nearby “secret UNIT base” to find some of the Torchwood loot that has made its way from Cardiff to London.
The path takes them along a riverbank, and is just suspicious enough to gain the attention of a couple bobbies on patrol. They hail Armin and Horus, asking after their business trying to get them to stop.
“Flufferbutter!” Armin calls out, cleverly deciding to mask our riverside stroll as a heroic mission to retrieve the aforementioned kitty. Kirill and David managed to avoid the gaze of the constables, and hid in some nearby shrubberies.
After some smiles, fake consolation, and warm stories of Flufferbutter’s cute kitty ways, the police are convinced that we are indeed searching for the cat. The police decide to help out in the search, we send them back in the direction from whence we came.
Kirill thought he’d help out as well and blew his dog whistle, attracting a local hound. This served to elevate the stakes of the kitty hunt, and the police set off to protect poor Flufferbutter from this random dog.
After a bit more walking the party finds themselves prone in the bushes opposite the appropriately signed “SECRET UNIT HQ”. It appears to be surrounded by an electrical fence, and there is a guard post currently inspecting a supply truck before letting it inside.
The facility itself seems to be a warehouse, likely full of wares.
Kirill, always patient and thoughtful, dashes from the bushes, slides under the truck and hangs on while it drives inside. Once the truck had reached far enough inside the facility he dropped off and snuck up to the guard booth. He then knocked to poor sod out and stole his clothes. Seeing that the truck and escorting soldiers have made their way into the warehouse, Kirill signals for the rest of the party to slip into through the gate.
Armin goes straight to the computer, finds the receiving schedule and sees that another truck is due to arrive in 5 minutes. The party also notices the camera layout, and kirill sneaks up to the camera in the UNIT sign and tapes up the lens. not long after this, the radio in the guardhouse crackles and inquires as to why the feed has been disrupted. David and Armin come up with a reasonable enough explanation for the folks on the other end of the radio, and convince them to delay the next delivery until they get the security situation sorted out.
Kirill and Horus decide to check out the warehouse. Naturally, they take the roof access. After disabling an alarm system on the hatch, the two of them slip in. Kirill does so with the agility and grace of some kind of Siberian house cat (Flufferbutter??), while Horus makes about as much noise as a bag of cans being thrown down a staircase.
The soldiers inside, as one might expect, are not expecting any arrivals from the rooftop. Horus chooses to act annoyed at the soldiers, explaining that he is a technician who is there to fix the cameras, and that they should get him some tea. They comply, and get back to unloading the truck.
Kirill works his stealthy magic and takes out the soldiers one by one. They never stood a chance. Meanwhile Armin and David manage to get the cameras on a loop and convince the dispatchers that they’ve got everything under control.
We strip down the soldiers, apply some vodka and penis drawings and wait for the next truck to arrive. While waiting we collect the tracking devices from the trucks. We also fill up two trucks with random boxes that were previously unloaded. The third truck arrives, and unexpectedly two soldiers emerge from the back of it. Oh well, Kirill and Armin go to work, and manage to subdue the soldiers with minimal bloodshed. We take out the third tracker, and hit the road, maintaining radio contact with the dispatchers.
The group takes off and manages to drive themselves back to the SEP field protected former cyberman base.
Some highlights of the loot immediately found are: psychic paper, reflection scanner for locating invisible individuals, and a super swiss army knife for tech use.

What’s in the other boxes? Will the party avoid being crucified by the authorities? WHERE IS FLUFFERBUTTER!?

Find out next time…



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