Doctor Who

Ghosts of Time - Part 3

Managed to get a game in the end. Setting London; Time September 12, 2009 about 4:00. The party just left a car accident, now with Kirill in a crappy z28, and Cap’n Jack in the back seat with the computer programmer. David has bad luck, and blows a tire on the college paint truck, and rear ends a moving van with some women. Horus manages to confuse them enough, with David, while Kiril steals the van. They arrive at the base, while Kiril goes back to grab the car. They put Jack into the safe house. David accepts the call from the General, who rips into him. The general then plans to come over in the next hour. Horus starts looking for the chronodyne generator (will take 8 hours; will be ready for the morning). The computer tech guy hacks into the police to misdirect missing vehicle reports; creates a digital credit card to deal with future expenses (hard copy to come in one day, to be sent to their former base site), and creates IDs in the DMV linked to the vehicles. They strap Jack into the cyberconversion table, and gag him. The general comes, yells at them, and gives them information about the research facility and files on the scientists. They head out to the site (about 30 minutes north of London). The general gives them a letter to get into the base. They enter, and get into the research cottage. Kirill has the drop on the guards. They get to the second floor, where the scientists are. Kirill drops Jack, and ties the older scientist down. He gets the jump on the scientist. Horus looks at some of the equipment, and realizes that horus can speed up the process. We then take a break.



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