Doctor Who

New Mission - Ghosts of Time

Part 2 - Fowlie

Great session with Jake (Armin), David (Jared), Kiril (Buhler) and Horus (Fowlie). They manage to escape the unstable temporal schism, which managed to move towards the oldest time traveler, and freezes the closest to the sphere. They manage to get away, and leaving the grounds, end up taking the security guard. Armin memorizes the information of his drivers license. They drop him off at King’s Cross. They then head off to the pub to find Cap’n Jack. They find him drunk; David walks into the bathroom, and then sits at his table. Jack is dead drunk. The others join him, and Jack takes a jump at Horus. Armin manages to peel him off, and they settle him down. They learn that Ianto is dead. David manages to fake the pub into believing they are MI5, and Armin pays 300 pounds from Harkness’ wallet. They head out into the ‘Collage Paint’ van, and drive to the former cyberman base. However, they get rear ended by an 18 year old crappy car, with a bag of 18 tabs. Horus takes his wallet, 130 pounds, and various IDs.
The kid is then hit by a car. Kiril then gets into the sports car.



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